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Top Storage Beds Reviews

Is it true that you are in the market for a storage bed, or have you been thinking of getting one? Whatever your aims may be, it very well may be hard to tell where to start with regards to storage beds. There are such huge numbers of various choices out there that it very well may challenge to locate the best storage beds. This article will direct you through all you have to think about the best storage beds, potential advantages and disadvantages of each and why they come suggested. Moreover, we’ve likewise incorporated a correlation table and a short control on what to search for in storage beds!

3 Top Storage Beds

South Shore Summer Breeze Mates Bed with 3 Drawers

Top Pick: 1

This storage bed is ideal for your daughter or kid! To make this a fun bed for children, the appendable headboard can go on either part of the arrangement! Far better, this storage bed won’t require the additional buy of a case spring; your customary mattress will do superbly! This charming bed can offer 3 extensive drawers, all situated on a similar side of the bed and to help guard your tyke, every one of the sides of the drawers are adjusted. Likewise, remember, since this bed is proposed for youngsters, the straightforward wooden handles on the drawers will keep on looking incredible, even after any mileage from the children!

Besides, this bed just tips the scales at 124 pounds and come prepared to utilize! No get together required! Far better, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing the materials for this bed are produced using covered molecule boards that have been guaranteed naturally cordial. You can likewise purchase quiet, realizing this bed accompanies a five-year, restricted guarantee to cover abandons. At long last, regardless of what shading your kid’s bedroom is, the blueberry completion will look extraordinary anyplace!

  • Pros
    1. This bed has 3 roomy drawers.
    2. There is likewise a connectable headboard that offers extra storage.
    3. Has security highlights, so it’s protected, notwithstanding for little kids.
    4. The strong plan implies the bed is intended for kids’ mileage and was worked to last
    5. No get together is required!
    6. Worked with earth inviting materials.
    7. This bed is moderately lightweight, so it has fair mobility.
  • Cons
    1. The guarantee is constrained to just producer surrenders.
    2. This bed is sized in a manner where it’s planned for youngsters.

Worked to withstand the harsh mileage from kids, alongside its security includes this storage bed is insubordinately worth your cash. It has extremely little downsides and with the three storage drawers, in addition to a connectable headboard, you’re getting what you paid for.

Hillary Queen Bookcase Bed with Underbed Storage Drawers Warm Brown

Top Pick: 2

This bed offers you all that you may look for in a storage bed! From its huge queen size, to its shelf headboard (with two additional drawers included), to its six roomy base drawers, to its exquisite completion, this bed has extraordinary highlights! Notwithstanding its physical highlights, you additionally get the component of its 12-support innovation, which means, your body weight is spread out uniformly for an agreeable night’s sleep. Besides, in the event that you cherish perusing, what preferred bed for you over one that incorporates a bug, excellent cabinet headboard?

Produced using different chose woods, similar to Maple and Asian Hardwood, this bed has an expert and finished completion to it. That being stated, get together is required and in spite of the fact that this bed offers critical storage, it comes at a little cost. This bed will look great however will be hard to convey, since it tips the scales at around 386 pounds after get together. It may be substantial, yet take one see this bed, post-gathering and you’ll be dazzled. With its completion and its tallness (56 inches; through and through) its hands down, the ideal bed for your main bedroom.

  • Pros
    1. There is a cabinet headboard accessible for extra storage space.
    2. There are 2 additional storage drawers on the cabinet headboard for much more storage space.
    3. This bed has 6 huge storage drawers.
    4. 12 support innovation is incorporated with the bed, so an agreeable night’s rest.
    5. Impressive& gaudy plan to accommodate your structure needs.
  • Cons
    1. This bed gauges 386 pounds!
    2. Generally, this bed is fairly enormous so it’s not perfect for those with little rooms/little spaces.

If its all the same to you that this storage bed need mobility, it’s an extraordinary choice with regards to storage beds! It has a wonderful plan with a noteworthy measure of storage abilities. It additionally has the support innovation to guarantee you get an incredible night’s sleep.

DHP Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed with Wooden Slat Support and Under Bed Storage, Button Tufted Headboard

Top Pick: 3

In case you’re looking for an organization and a bed that organizes little spaces stood out from in vogue structures and reasonable costs, at that point this could be the storage bed for you! DHP, the maker of this storage bed, just so happens to be the main producer with regards to home outfitting items that are planned to be for littler spaces, reasonable living and amazing structures.

This storage bed joins the two central purposes of storage space with ease. What’s flawless about this particular bed it that the bed casing is really intended to go up or down, contingent upon how much storage space you require. That being stated, brace framework innovation is offered too. Which means, when you sleep, your body weight will be spread out uniformly among the support pieces, along these lines, giving you an agreeable and pleasant night’s sleep!

The DHP Cambridge comes in three hues to fit the structure of any room and well as having twin, full, queen and king alternatives! Also, you won’t need to stress over any issues when moving this bed, since it tips the scales at just 89 pounds! At long last, rest guaranteed, you’re ensured a one-year constrained guarantee after buy!

  • Pros
    1. DHP is an extraordinary assembling organization with a brilliant notoriety.
    2. This bed has a moderate sticker price!
    3. There is adaptable storage accessible, contingent upon your needs (this bed has a movable water powered bed outline).
    4. This bed is explicitly intended for little spaces.
    5. Support innovation is offered for solace.
    6. There are many shading and size alternatives accessible.
    7. This bed is lightweight, so mobility isn’t an issue.
  • Cons
    1. Just a 1-year restricted guarantee is accessible.
    2. There are no storage drawers or bookshelf headboard, so storage space is some place restricted.

This storage bed and the assembling organization are about moderation, along these lines, if that is your top need, this bed is ideal for you. Incredible for a little space, it just costs you a little cost and the one downside may be that there is just a limited quantity of storage, in any case, it’s an extremely conservative bed.

7 Best Storage Beds

Prepac BBQ-6200-3K Queen Sonoma Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers

Best Pick: 1

This bed brings you both lightweight adaptability by tipping the scales at just 74 pounds just as 6 storage drawers (three for every side) that are 18″ deep!This is a liberal space enormous enough for each one of those sets of shoes you may possess! Besides, you won’t need to spend extra for a container spring mattress like you may need to with other storage beds. The Sonoma has a brace emotionally supportive network, which implies, you’ll just require your mattress!

Likewise, this wooden support framework that circulates your body weight guarantees you’ll get a full agreeable night of sleep. It’s as agreeable, or progressively agreeable even, than a conventional boxspring. For your benefit, this storage bed comes in six distinct hues and there is a 5-year restricted guarantee on parts offered also! Finally, with it’s work of art, cleaned complete, this bed will look extraordinary in any room!

  • Pros
    1. A 5-year restricted guarantee on parts is advertised.
    2. This bed is lightweight—just 74 pounds!
    3. 6 18″ profound storage drawers accessible.
    4. No buy of an extra box-spring is required.
    5. Brace emotionally supportive network innovation gave, for an agreeable night’s sleep!
  • Cons
    1. Some get together is required.
    2. Guarantee just covers the pieces of the bed.

This storage bed is a great, lightweight alternative with only a couple of extremely miniscule destructions. With the storage accessible and the moderate value point, you truly can’t turn out badly! There is some get together required, however it’s not all that much. The main potential issue is that the guarantee is constrained to specific pieces of the bed.

Best Pick: 2

This agelessly structured storage bed is ideal for unwinding, relaxing or sleeping. Its plan is proposed for those seeking a harmony between traditionalist space, tasteful looks and adaptable storage spaces. It offers storage drawers under the bed and bed outline and in every cabinet, there are removable and customizable dividers to you can generally customize and accommodate your storage space to your particular needs! You’ll additionally be satisfied to hear that, by and large, this storage bed is generally given. 3.9 out of 5-star consumer loyalty review!

The Sauder Shoal Creek Mates Bed is done in a rich, delicate white, which can add pleasantly to any bedroom. It can likewise suit a twin-sized mattress. Rest guaranteed, you won’t need to spend extra for a container spring, your normal twin mattress will get the job done! Weighting in at 138 pounds, with a little extra help, it won’t be a cerebral pain to move this bed! Ultimately, your buy is upheld by a five-year guarantee that is restricted to parts as it were.

  • Pros
    1. Revolved around an immortal plan.
    2. A couple of storage drawers accessible.
    3. The storage drawers accompany removable and movable dividers for prime association.
    4. This bed has a high consumer loyalty review.
    5. It likewise has a pleasing mattress size on the grounds that there is no case spring required!
    6. This bed is likewise lightweight, so it has decent mobility.
    7. There is a 5-year guarantee advertised!
  • Cons
    1. This bed just obliges twin-sized mattresses.
    2. The 5-year constrained guarantee applies just to parts.

This storage bed offers a conventional measure of storage, with a moderate sticker price, a decent guarantee and is additionally lightweight. The masters offered with this bed, pass on, exceed the cons!

Baxton Studio Camile Queen Storage Platform Bed in Gray

Best Pick: 3

In case you’re vigilant for a storage bed that permits you adaptability, yet likewise an exquisite plan, look no further! Baxton, while consummately consolidating capacity and style, is here to offer both of you huge storage drawers with extra bunches, to make things much increasingly sorted out with regards to your storage needs. These drawers are impeccable to store your basic sleep things or maybe any garments that probably won’t be in season.

In an expansion to the impartial and trendy structure to flawlessly compliment any bedroom, this storage bed additionally accompanies a reasonable sticker price! Making it considerably progressively moderate is the reality you won’t need to put resources into a container spring! The mattress you effectively possess is consummately fine!

At last, you can generally rest effectively, actually, since this as of now attractive bed additionally accompanies brace innovation. Which means, you can have an agreeable night’s sleep on the grounds that your body weight will be scattered consistently all through the whole bed.

That being stated, despite the fact that this bed offers various highlights, it eventually has a defeat in the amount it weighs.At 200 pounds, this bed is resistant tough however regardless of anything else, it will be a cerebral pain to move.

  • Pros
    1. This bed offers an alluring, extravagant structure.
    2. There are 2 enormous storage drawers accessible.
    3. Hierarchical groups are incorporated for every cabinet for additional storage alternatives!
    4. This bed, fortunately, has a moderate sticker price!
    5. No extra box-spring buy will be vital.
    6. Brace innovation is worked in for extreme solace.
  • Cons
    1. This bed is 200 pounds and will be hard to move.

If its all the same to you the constrained mobility, this is an exceptional alternative for a storage bed! With hierarchical groups and brace innovation, you get the ideal parity of solace and storage choices!

BOWERY HILL Queen Bookcase Platform Storage Bed

Best Pick: 4

This Bowery Hill Bookcase and Platform Storage bed faultlessly joins both contemporary, rich plan with your moderate or shrewd space storage needs at the top of the priority list. Fortunately, with regards to this storage bed, things are both down to earth and engaging.

Probably the best choice with this bed is the cabinet headboard. This enhances your storage capacities just as including an exquisite curve. The bookshelf headboard is produced using composite wood with a dark overlay completion and three open compartments just as a focal movable rack, to give you included storage space for things like morning timers, sleeping basics and your preferred bedtime read.

Notwithstanding the amazing bookshelf headboard, this bed by Bowery Hill additionally give you the storage choices of six sizeable drawers at the foot of the bed. You can likewise be guaranteed you’ll get an agreeable night’s sleep with the support innovation offered in this storage bed alternative.

Albeit every amazing alternative with regards to a storage explicit bed, there is one little disadvantage. This bed tips the scales at around 266 pounds, thus, insubordinately a consideration in the event that you even arrangement to move your bed!

  • Pros
    1. This bed has an exquisite structure.
    2. A cabinet headboard includes additional storage choices!
    3. There are 6 enormous storage drawers accessible.
    4. Brace innovation is worked in for solace.
  • Cons
    1. At 266 pounds, this bed will be hard to move.

On the off chance that mobility is certifiably not a tremendous need to you and things like an exquisite structure, superb storage alternatives and a serene night’s sleep are progressively significant then you ought to disobediently investigate this bed!

Phoenix Eastern King Bookcase Bed with Underbed Storage Drawers Cappuccino

Best Pick: 5

Produced using strong wood, this storage bed is one more alternative for a finished, advanced, yet, moderate equalization. The usefulness and tastefulness of this bed make it ideal for that well-planned main bedroom!

One, if not, the best highlight with regards to this storage bed is the bookshelf headboard that is advertised! Here, you can keep your preferred perusing hobbies, watched, gems, morning timers, sleep basics or any knickknacks you want. It gives you both overabundance usefulness just as progressively optimistic and style forward storage space. As though the bookshelf headboard couldn’t beat that, it likewise incorporates two felt-lined drawers!

Additionally, beneath the bed, you’ll discover six ample drawers that are likewise felt-lined. This felt covering will give the drawers simply that additional degree of sturdiness and you, the storage space you’re looking for! In these drawers, you can store abundance bedding, occasional garments or much more books!

Presently, that being stated, some get together will be required for this bed and it’s additionally critical to take note of that, since it tips the scales at around 500 pounds and is 56 inches tall, it won’t be effectively moved! Contingent upon what your top needs are with regards to your storage bed, these could be significant considerations.

  • Pros
    1. Made with a style forward complex plan.
    2. Bookshelf headboard give this bed extra storage space with 2 extra storage drawers!
    3. The felt-lined drawers offer expanded strength.
    4. 6 extensive drawers are accessible also.
  • Cons
    1. At 500 pounds, this bed is substantial!
    2. Standing 56 inches high, this bed is likewise very tall!
    3. Thusly, this bed will be hard to move.

Despite the fact that this bed is unimaginably overwhelming, with only one look, it’s likewise very design forward. It likewise offers the most storage alternatives out of some other bed on the rundown. In spite of the largeness and tallness, this could be the ideal bed for your main bedroom!

DHP Maven Platform Bed with Upholstered Faux Leather and Wooden Slat Support

Best Pick: 6

Last, however sureness not least, we touch base at our tenth storage bed with another alternative made by DHP. Known for its design forward, yet moderate way to deal with furniture, this is an incredible decision in case you’re looking for a storage bed for, explicitly, a little space. This Maven stage bed will leave you feeling sleek, very much refreshed and sorted out!

On each side of the bed, you’ll discover a take off cabinet, ideal for additional bedding, dress, books and even shoes! Notwithstanding its lovely measure of storage space, you’ll be ensured an agreeable night sleep due to the bentwood support innovation that is accessible. This innovation, as a matter of first importance, guarantees air can stream openly, along these lines, your sleep is comfortable yet never excessively warm. All your body weight will be uniformly scattered, giving you the storage space and a decent night’s rest across the board.

Finally, this bed turns out to be considerably progressively reasonable since you won’t have to buy any sort of extra box-spring and in the event that you ever need to move it, there won’t be any migraines! Indeed, even with all the accessible storage, this bed just gauges 110 pounds! Trendy, storage-accommodating and moderate is the name of the game with DHP.

  • Pros
    1. Worked with DHP quality and trustworthiness.
    2. 2 take off storage drawers are accessible.
    3. Bentwood Slat innovation worked in for a phenomenal sleeping background.
    4. No container spring buy will be essential!
    5. This bed has a reasonable sticker price.
    6. Lightweight plan and weight will make this bed simple to move!
  • Cons
    1. Just 2 storage drawers are offered with this bed.

With DHP, you can depend on moderation being first need and subsequently, in case you’re looking to spare space, as a matter of first importance, this is an extraordinary alternative for you. Nonetheless, not a wealth of storage space is offered, in any case, the moderateness and support innovation could exceed that, contingent upon your needs.

Discovery World Furniture Bookcase Captains Bed with 6 Drawer Storage

Best Pick: 7

In case you’re looking for an incredible storage bed choice for kids, this could be the ideal storage bed for you! As a matter of first importance, this is a bunk bed that additionally offers a shelf for additional storage space! Along these lines, if your children happen to be savants, you simply need some additional storage space, or, you need a bed with progressively reasonable space adaptability (maybe for two youngsters), this bed has a great deal to offer you!

Obviously, there is a stair unit given, with this bunk bed so your kids can without much of a stretch and securely move into bed or locate their next book! For your benefit, the bookshelf can without much of a stretch be utilized to likewise store toys, morning timers and even garments! What’s more, there are six vaporous drawers situated on one side of the bed, for considerably more storage space!

You can likewise sit back and relax realizing this storage bed offers you and your kids both security and solace. It has been tried and affirmed to meet any security guidelines set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Fortunately, this bed comes mattress prepared; which means, you won’t need to spend additional cash on a crate spring or Bunkie board. Finally, it likewise offers your youngsters support innovation, to guarantee they get an agreeable, comfortable night’s sleep!

The one and maybe just destruction of this bed may be that it says something a little on the overwhelming side. At 167 pounds, notwithstanding its stature (since it is a bunk bed), you’ll need some additional help to move it.

  • Pros
    1. This is an extraordinary storage alternative for youngsters since it’s a bunk bed.
    2. Accompany a cabinet headboard for significantly increasingly extra storage.
    3. There are 6 extensive storage drawers accessible.
    4. The ascending stepping stool is sheltered and solid.
    5. This bed has been security tried and guaranteed.
    6. Moreover, it’s mattress prepared, there is no case spring buy required.
    7. Brace innovation is worked in for an incredible night’s sleep.
  • Cons
    1. This bed is substantial!
    2. It’s just and explicitly made for youngsters.
    3. This bed is very tall so it’s not perfect for low roofs.
    4. There is an ascending stepping stool which could be perilous for little kids.

With the mix of the bunk bed style, the shelf headboard and the storage drawers, this is a great alternative in case you’re looking to spare room in a kids’ room! In the event that mobility isn’t an issue and your kids aren’t excessively youthful, there is no better choice!


By and by, you have every one of the information and heading you need to push ahead and look for your optimal storage bed! From a relationship table, to a start to finish review of the ten best storage beds (aggregate with a points of interest and inconveniences list for each bed) and an information oversee for what to watch out for when buying a storage bed, you’re set to go! Make a point to shop clever and recollect most of this critical information! Remember, moderateness, robustness, comfort and storage decisions are the key! Good karma in your storage bed search!